Why You Need Tactical Smartwatch

A tactical smartwatch comes with military specification. It was formerly designed for military purposes as the armies need a tough watch which can stand harsh weather and abusive movements during missions or expeditions. However, the tactical smartwatch is no longer exclusive for the military. Today, you can find various tactical smartwatch products available in the market with a wide range of designs, brands, and features.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, here are the reasons why you actually need a tactical smartwatch

1. Tracking and Monitoring Daily Progress

With a rugged smartwatch on your wrists, you’ll be able to track and monitoring your daily progress with the integrated features. The smartwatch is featured with functions for exercises and outdoor activities. It can capture your heart rate during workouts and present it in real time. A prominent smartwatch can calculate the burned calories accurately as well as to measure the distances you’ve been through and track daily activities including sleeping in a day.

Most tactical smartwatches can be connected and synced to your mobile device including tablets and smartphones through a mobile app. This way, you can have a wider display of the functions as well as simulate and plan your own exercise, workouts, training, resting, and other activities for a more healthy lifestyle. These mobile apps also have social elements to take the advantages of including sharing your progress to your social media accounts.

2. Stay Connected

Most of the smartwatch products are featured with the notification system can be activated when it’s connected to your smartphone. A tactical smartwatch notifies you about any incoming calls, texts, instant message, chats, social media, and many more. It allows you to stay connected even if you’re in an outdoor activity, working out or on a trip without missing any single information.

Some active functions are even available in certain smartwatches. Instead of solely receiving call notification, some smartwatches allows you to make one with the default preset. You may also use your smartwatch as a phone camera shutter and capture photo in a hassle-free way.

The functions may vary for different tactical smartwatch models. If you need more functions, it’s better if you research the detailed specification before purchasing a tactical smartwatch.  

3. Invincible

At this point, you might ask “why I should buy a tactical smartwatch if I can get those features simply on a regular smartwatch ?”. It’s simply because you need a reliable smartwatch for any activity, don’t you? The regular smartwatches are well-known for its vulnerability to the shocks, water, and even dust. They might be okay for indoor use but certainly won’t survive outdoor’s harsh environment. Even though they’re waterproof, the regular smartwatch can deal with shocks.

A tactical smartwatch is specially designed for military, extreme sportsmen, trekker, hikers, pilots, and any outdoor enthusiasts. It’s specifically designed to survive harsh conditions, abusive shocks, and even extreme temperature. It’s usually crafted from tough and durable materials like fiber carbons instead of plastic. The construction is military-engineered, so you can imagine all possible challenges faced by the army and a tactical waterproof smartwatch would survive them.

4. Durable

It’s not a secret that most regular smartwatches have durability issues. Many of them come with plastic bezel. It’s not only a matter of material but also the design of the construction. A tactical smartwatch is designed to be durable and even strengthen and protected in an advanced way. For example, you can easily find smartwatch products with Corning Gorilla Glass for the display.

When smartwatch was launched for the first time, many people were on hype but got disappointed at sudden. They were easily broken and had some performance issues as well. A person can have two or three smartwatches due to these issues. Tactical Smartwatches offer new hope for those who expect a lifetime smartwatch or at least the one which can last for years.

5. Tactical Design

If you’ve been browsing Smartwatch for iso online for a while, you might have realized some factors which make the rugged smartwatches stand on the market and one of them is, of course, the design. Almost every time, you can easily identify a smartwatch to be tactical or not simply by looking at the design. These include the manly color combination, bigger display, sporty to military appeal, and so forth. Of course, authenticating a tactical smartwatch would involve more comprehensive factors previously mentioned. However, choosing a tactical smartwatch as your personal watch may stand for your fashion statement.


In general, you should have a tactical smartwatch simply because it offers features absent in the generic ones. For some specific reasons, a tactical smartwatch would be the best choice if you’re looking for the durability, functions, reliable performance, and manly design. If you’re one of those outdoor enthusiasts, a tactical smartwatch should be a mandatory item for you.

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