Tactical Smartwatch VS Analog SmartWatch

A tactical watch is an irresistible item due to military appeal, performance, functions, and accuracy. There are two major types of tactical watch available in the market: analog tactical watch and tactical smartwatch. They share the same house of “tactical” but they also have some differences which could be the fundamental reasons of why you should choose one of them. In other hands, there are thousands of tactical watches out there which could be very confusing to pick one. Before you go selecting among the brands, models, and features, it’s better to choose one of two major categories, the analog or the smart ones.


The analog tactical watch has been out there for at least two centuries. It represents the classical style while the tactical smartwatch is more likely the modern one. It would depend on your style to choose between two but it’s unlikely the time to decide since there are more aspects to consider.                             


The major concern of this rivalry is, nonetheless, the functionality. While the analog tactical watch features the basic functions, the rugged smartwatch has more advanced functions. It’s the area where the analog tactical watch can’t compete. A tactical smartwatch is a new breed which accommodates some functions of the smart gadget. It usually features heart rate monitor, all-day activity records, multiple exercise mode, and notifications.


As you might have known that the analog tactical watch is certainly fixed but not with the tactical smartwatch. Like other types of smartwatches, a tactical smartwatch usually comes with a customizable clock interface. You can choose between analog or digital clock interfaces as well as variants of fonts, position, proportions, and other elements. It means that you can have different watches visually in a tactical watch and you only have one in the analog one.


The analog watch works mechanically while the tactical smartwatch works in a software platform. They can be connected to devices with a certain operating system including Android, iOS, and Windows. The tactical smartwatches can work as the sensor and send the data to the smartphone and vice versa. It allows you to manage and simulate daily progress with an app. In other hands, tactical smartwatches give most notifications received by your smartphone including calls, SMS, social media, instant message, battery life, chats, and so forth.

Market Exposure

Once you go online and look for the tactical watch, you’ll find the waterproof smartwatch dominates the first page results. The market is growing due to the high demand for a tactical smartwatch these past years. The change of lifestyle has encouraged people to get helpful items for their lives and tactical Smartwatch for iso is one of them. However, the offline market seems to be still the reign of the analog tactical watch. If you go offline, you’ll have a very limited option of tactical smartwatches.

Pilots, extreme sportsmen, travelers, trekkers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are those who love to take advantages of the tactical smartwatch. The versatility attracts more people to convert from analog to smartwatches.


When it comes to the power source, there is a little bit of fair competition. Why is that? Some analog tactical watches are completely mechanical and don’t need any battery replacement. In other hands, a tactical smartwatch is rechargeable so you don’t need any battery replacement either. Some products like tactical smartwatch V4 even can last up to 33 months with a single charge.


If you’re looking for a classic style and okay with basic functions, the analog tactical watch could be your best option and they’re widely available both online and offline. However, a tactical smartwatch would be an excellent option if you demand more versatile and flexible functions. So, what’s your choice now?

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