The Invincible Tactical Smartwatch V4 Has Born!

The Tactical Smartwatch V4 is an amazing military grade smartwatch which comes as the solution to those fragile smartwatches available in the market. The military features are there for reasons as Tactical Smartwatch is designed by former military engineers. It’s the only smartwatch which can survive and resist any conditions outdoor including the harsh ones. It’s the answer to the demand of the actual tactical smartwatches which should accommodate both reliable functions and performances.

The most important thing is that Tactical Smartwatch V4 isn’t a rumor, it’s now available in the market for real. You can grab the full-featured tactical smartwatch at this very now!

Dust & Waterproof, Carbon coated body
4th Gen Gorilla Glass – Thanks to this new technology, you can now read the time in direct sunlight
Supercharged battery – the battery can last up to 33 months with one charge

Super Tough and Invincible

IP67 Waterproof Tactical smartwatch
Dust & IP67 Waterproof

The tactical Smartwatch V4 features 4th Gen Gorilla Crystal, Dust & IP67 Waterproof. The display would survive shocks and outdoor harsh environment. The Corning Gorilla Glass 4 features the sunlight-visible framework which allows you to read time and other digital notifications even under extremely bright sunlight. It’s completely waterproof up to 5 ATM. Even in the dusty environment, you can clearly access the display as it’s supported by the IP67 international standard rating.

Tactical Smartwatch V4 is built with military-grade materials which make it so durable even if you’re in an abusive environment or activities. Instead of using plastics, the company uses fiber carbon to build the waterproof smartwatch constructions. Despite being tough and sturdy, the carbon-built structures allow the watch to have an indestructible construction.

Compatible with iOS & Android

ios and android smartwatch
Compatible with iOS & Android

Tactical Smartwatch is a platform-inclusive rugged smartwatch compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It’s definitely a market breakthrough as consumers are formerly only able to choose an exclusive device based on a particular platform. You can simply connect it to your smartphone with a mobile app and you can sync multiple functions with Android and iOS.

Multiple App Functions

Once you’ve connected tactical smartwatch V4 you can enjoy multiple functions for monitoring, measuring, records, notifications and so forth. The functions include Alarms, Incoming Calls, Remote Camer, Save Energy, Count Steps, Burns Calories, and so forth. Tactical Smartwatch V4 allows you to access limitless notifications from SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, WeChat, and other notifications. The most important thing is that the data are presented real-time and accurately. That’s why Tactical Smartwatch V4 becomes reliable outdoor activity equipment.

Track Everything about you

Never Needs Charging

It’s the only smartwatch which can last and keep on performance for 33 months and that’s almost three years consecutively. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about being powerless for days. It’s not only the size of the battery but also the save energy feature which allows Tactical Smartwatch for iso V4 to run for that long. This way, the smartwatch literally never needs charging and you can simply forget the days where you charge a smartwatch alongside your smartphone.

Multiple App Languages

Tactical Smartwatch features multiple app languages including English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese. So, if you’re a multi-language person, you can take advantage of this feature for the best travel or trip experiences.

Who Is Tactical Smartwatch Designed for?

Tactical Smartwatch V4 is specially designed for extreme sportsmen, backpacker, and any outdoor enthusiasts. You can wear V4 when hiking, camping, trekking or even diving. Sporting on the watery environment would be no problem for Tactical Smartwatch like kayaking, paddling, swimming, surfing, and so forth. It has everything you need to both stay connected and gain full experience during your outdoor activities.

Tactical Smartwatch V4, even though designed to meet military performance, actually features more than just functions. The design is so manly and suitable for the sporting experience but you can also wear it casually with other outfits and accompany your days with reliable functions and adorable appearance. Let’s say you’re hanging out with friends, they would be either jealous or adore your watch.

The great news is that Tactical Smartwatch V4 has three color options: Black, Blue, and Red. In the black and red variants, the head of the smartwatches is in black carbon color. However, the head constructions have a dark gray color for the blue variant. These color variants are presented well in color combination in the watch head and the wrists. It’s not a coincidence that designs, color, and the combination can provide a sporty, military, and casual look depending on your outfit.

What Verified Tactical Smartwatch V4 Owners Have Said?

It’s very interesting to know that most V4 owners already had their previous smartwatches and they can’t hold themselves to not testify their experience. Most of them adore how solid and strong the material is and of course, the battery lifetime. They’re also impressed with the versatility, durability, and design. Unlike other smartwatches, owners feel that V4 is easier to use and it looks great on their wrist. An owner even broke three his smartwatches by himself before finally, he gets his own Tactical Smartwatch V4. Above all, owners have found that V4 provides reliable functions and performances.

General Thoughts and Verdicts

If you’re looking for a reliable smartwatch, then Tactical Smartwatch V4 is undoubtedly the answer for you. It has irresistible features and functions which make it stands out over other smartwatches. You can instantly connect it with phone and gain access to the multiple, adorable functions. It’s not only military styling but it’s actually military grad and you should have known what it means. The solidness and durability are those which you can find only in Tactical Smartwatch V4. The performance is even supported further with extensive battery power, waterproof, and anti-dust construction.

With all of those specs and features, Tactical Smartwatch would be must-have equipment for extreme sportsmen and outdoor enthusiast. The appearance is very cool and manly and it doesn’t trap you in an outdoor-only concept as it also looks good in your casual outfits. At this point, the versatility of this product not only refers to its functions and performance but also to any outfits you want to wear and occasions you want to go. If you need only one watch, then Tactical Smartwatch V4 already has everything you need.